Final Judgment Modification

Melbourne Florida Final Judgement Modification Attorney

When a final judgment is entered in a divorce, it’s intended to be just that — final. There are, however, circumstances under which a final judgment modification should be granted. These include a significant change in economic circumstances for one or both spouses, a spouse remarrying, a long-distance move, or a significant life change

What Can be Changed

Only the parts of the judgment that are ongoing can be modified. This includes child custody, support, and visitation as well as alimony payments. One-time events, such as the division of marital property, cannot be changed as part of a final judgment modification.

What is Required for a Change

For a modification of a final judgment, the requirement is a substantial change in circumstances, that is permanent in nature involuntary and not contemplated at the time of entry of the final judgment. If you’re looking to obtain an evaluation of your case in regards to a final judgment modification, need help seeking or preventing the modification of a final judgment or you are looking for a final judgment modification lawyer in Melbourne Florida, please contact Valentin & Studstill, PLLC near Rockledge and Melbourne, Florida.